Our goal is to support your success. We spend time to understand your market needs, your product requirements, your challenges, and your goals. Our company culture is to make our customers feel we are part of their supporting team.

We can support you in  project management, product development from concept to production, production quality control, and supply chain management for final product delivery.

UCB Support was incorporated Michigan with operating offices in Michigan, Boston and China. We follow the principles of lean enterprise and apply our expertise and resources to help small and medium sized companies in a variety of industries such as marine products, consumer products, medical device, automotive, defense and etc.

We have decades of working experience in automotive industry. We have been involved in most aspects of top notch automotive manufacturing and engineering. Our product designs have been applied to over 65% of domestic automotive products.

For business expansion, we are looking for sales reps or channel partners. Please contact us at ucbsupport@gmail.com for any inquires.